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A Gift Idea for the new born baby YourBabyBlankets.com is a practical gift for the new born baby and it's family.

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Welcome to YourBabyBlankets.com

Celebrate the wonder of a new life. We weave your baby's story into 100% extra fine merino wool and combed cotton blankets. Baby Blankets records a new life by knitting baby’s name, birth date and weight directly in to a quality baby blanket. Luxuriously warm and soft, Your Baby Blankets custom made knitted baby blankets and cuddlies are a valued and very personal baby gift that your baby will love cuddling long after being a baby.

The name of the child, the date of birth, the hour of birth, the heigth and weight at birth date are the most important informations for the baby's family.

A 100% organic cotton, natural and soft in touch blanket is the most important thing for a baby during sleep. Blanket is a fusion of the unique data of the child with the naturalness of cotton. We produce it on individual request, and reccomend it for new born babies, as they come to the world.

Unlike other products which are embroidered, and may be harsh, all Your Baby Blankets gifts are custom made on a hand loom, where your baby’s details , name, date of birth, weight, time of birth ( length if preferred) are actually woven into the article as it is being made especially for you.

PERSONALISED BABY BLANKETS On the blanket we put the name of the child. The name can be in diminutive, it can have all the letters capital or hand-written. Decide, which figures of the child's birth are most important for You. If You or your family do not know the exact hour of birth, you can skip this. Making a present, You decide what has to be put on the blanket.

A Gift Idea for the new born baby My Blanket is a practical gift for the new born baby and it's family. Mum wraps up her baby with it during feeding-time and nursing. It turns out handy for the walk, and the nap at home. After years the blanket will be a keepsake of the best moments in maternity. A unique and original idea as a present for the new born child on the occasion of his first birthday, or the first visit at the young parent's house. In the box there is a decorative card similar to a postcard, on which you can personally handwrite your best wishes before giving the present.

Personalised Baby Gifts

The arrival of a new baby is a happy and very beautiful occasion, and is celebrated world wide by the giving of baby gifts. Of all the possible baby gifts for boys and baby gifts for girls, none will be more appreciated than personalised baby gifts.

Personalising the gift makes it very special.

YourBabyBlankets.com is the most unique of all the ideas for personalised baby gifts. The whole blanket is specially woven, and can be personalised with the baby’s Name, Date of Birth, Weight and even Length if desired.

It is made from the finest Egyptian long staple cotton, and is consequently warm,soft and cuddly. It is also certified to the The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) , and is completely safe for use next to your baby’s skin. So from the many ideas for personalised baby gifts available to you, why not choose YourBabyBlankets.com.

We have many happy customers ,so you can be sure that your gift, will be among the most popular personalised gifts for babies. No gift will be more treasured than this hand made personalised baby blanket. Unlike other blankets which are embroidered and may be harsh, YourBabyBlankets.com is custom made on a hand loom where your baby’s name, date of birth, weight and time of birth (or length if preferred) are actually woven into the blanket, as it is being manufactured especially for you.

The blanket is made from 100% Organic long staple cotton which gives it a softness and smoothness not found in other cottons or baby blankets. It’s is also certified to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS standard which guarantees it is completely free from all harmful substances and can be safely used next to your baby’s skin.

This unique gift makes a beautiful present and will become a treasured heirloom as the years pass by. As each blanket is custom made delivery will take approximately 2 weeks.

Technical Details for Baby Blanket: Measures 100 x 75 cm and will fit most cots. Is knit from 100% organically grown long staple cotton – which provides extra softness for the baby. Carries the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS, which guarantees it is completely free from harmful substances.

Can be washed repeatedly at 60º C. Great for the baby's bed and/or carriage, useful at home, strolls or a journey, after the years it makes the one and only keepsake.

Baby-blanket is made to individual order! No gift will be more loved